Why Vehicles Lab is Best ?


Vehicles Lab integrates with nearly all major API and websites to facilitate your daily operations, including JOB, Car Inspection, 360 Payments, Invoice, Accounts and more. Bringing these tools together in one place helps shops work more efficiently.


We help auto repair shops save time and money by going paperless. Manage all your customers’ information in one place with a few easy clicks, capture customer signatures, attach documentation, and process payments online.


Vehicles Lab is a web-based workshop management system, which means there is no software to download or upgrades to keep up with. The tools you need to increase productivity are at your fingertips the moment you open your browser on any device. You have internet, there is Vehicles Lab.


Our auto repair software doesn’t just make life easier for shop owners and technicians, it helps customers, too. Communicate with your customers transparently through a password-protected Cloud.